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Hospital Introduces New Plastic Surgeon, Sarah R. Sher, MD

CLINTON, MD – MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center welcomes new plastic surgeon, Sarah R. Sher, MD.  In this position, Dr. Sher will concentrate on breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients, as well as breast reductions and general reconstruction.  Dr. Sher will work in close partnership with breast surgeon Ekaterini V. Tsiapali, MD.  Together, these surgeons will surgically remove cancerous breast tissue (Tsiapali) and reconstruct breasts (Sher). “I’m looking forward to playing a positive role in a patient’s journey through breast cancer,” said Dr. Sher.  “It’s so fulfilling to be a part of a team of physicians who can understand what patients…

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My Story: Breast Cancer Survivor Valerie Calhoun

Valerie Calhoun feels like she’s back.  After an exhausting battle with breast cancer, she has thrown her wigs to the back of her closet, she is active in her church again and she is scheduling ice cream dates with her granddaughter.  None of this would be possible, she says, without the breast cancer treatment she received at MedStar Southern Maryland and the special attention she received from breast surgeon Dr. Ekaterini V. Tsiapali.It was during a yearly mammogram last July when Valerie found out she had a tumor.  After her mom’s three-time battle with breast cancer decades ago, she was…

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October is Physical Therapy Month

More Goes into Physical Therapy than Meets the EyeMedStar Southern Maryland's PT DepartmentThe biggest misconception about physical therapy (PT), says Clinical Coordinator Ukonnaya Bigelow, PT, DPT, is that not much goes into physical therapy, and that it is easy.“Some professionals think we’re glorified ‘get out of bed’ helpers,” said Bigelow.  “The reality is, we perform true assessments and evaluations of patients, taking into account their past medical history, their current needs and their discharge plans, whether they’re going home or to rehab.  We implement treatments, stabilize them and make sure patients don’t decline further.”MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center's PT Department includes…

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Your Primary Care Doctor, PromptCare Facility or the ER — Where Should You Go?

Nosheen Azam, MD, Michael Antonis, DO, and Tara Saggar, MD.The way to receive the proper care when you’re ill is to go to the correct doctor who can best address your health care needs.  Developing a long-term relationship with your primary care doctor is very important, but when you are unable to see them, we present a guide that shows when to use our MedStar PromptCare facilities or our Emergency Department.When to Go to Your Primary Care DoctorUnless you are experiencing a traumatic injury, this should be your first choice.  It is important to have a primary doctor and to…

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Hospital Introduces New Plastic Surgeon, Sarah R. Sher, MD
Hospital Introduces New Plastic Surgeon, Sarah R. Sher, MD
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