MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute is one of the largest liver transplant centers in the region, with roughly 106 transplants a year. Patients on our waitlist receive transplants nearly three times as fast as other transplant centers. Our commitment to our patients translates to excellent outcomes that exceed the national average.


The process to be cleared for a liver transplant includes a two-part pre-transplant evaluation, also known as a work-up. This evaluation process includes interviews with different members of the liver transplant team and diagnostic testing to determine your overall general health, as well as your end-stage liver disease.

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Before the transplant surgery, important blood tests are undergone to ensure that your body is compatible with the donated organ and to check that antibodies in your body don't reject the donor's cells.

During surgery, your surgeon will remove your liver and replace it with the donor liver, making all the necessary internal connections.


Beginning immediately after surgery, the transplant team monitors you very carefully for any signs of rejection or other complications. Your pain will be controlled using medications, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Nationwide, liver transplants are effective about 85 percent of the time, whether a donor organ or living donor is used.

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