The Center for Joint Replacement

The Center for Joint Replacement at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center works in coordination with MedStar Orthopaedic Institute and is dedicated to improving mobility and quality of life for people with joint problems. Each year, we help hundreds of people get back to the lifestyle they love. Because many bone and joint disorders develop over time, individuals can put up with stiff, painful joints for years before seeking treatment. You should know that there are many things that can be done to reduce pain and improve the joint’s function. Is joint pain affecting your life? Do you avoid certain activities, even activities you once enjoyed, because of joint pain and stiffness? If so, please call one of our talented orthopedists to schedule a consultation. You don’t have to continue to deal with the pain.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

At the Center for Joint Replacement, you don’t just have a doctor—you have a team of specialists, including orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation and physical medicine specialists, physical and occupational therapists, orthopedic nurses, and case managers. Your joint replacement team is with you from before your surgery takes place through to your recovery, rehabilitation, and beyond. Our program’s total joint coordinator ensures all the parts of your team work seamlessly to give you the best surgery and recovery experience. Although you will only stay in the hospital for a few days after surgery, our total joint coordinator will make sure you have appropriate rehabilitative care. Many options are available depending on your needs and include subacute care centers, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient rehabilitation programs, and home health services.


Location Information

MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center
7503 Surratts Road
Clinton, Maryland 20735
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Phone: 301-856-1682

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