Our Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplantation team works with referring physicians to provide advanced, comprehensive care for our patients.

Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplantation Program at MedStar Georgetown

We have built relationships with referring physicians in the region and around the country, working together to give our patients the best results possible. Our transplantation program features:

  • Dedicated transplantation specialists: When you refer patients to our program, you can feel confident they are receiving the most specialized care available. Our physicians focus exclusively on transplantation, giving us a superior level of expertise.
  • Expertise in high-risk patients: Some programs may turn patients away due to age, health, or other reasons. Our physicians have extensive experience in treating a wide range of patients considered high risk. We have experience in guiding patients safely through the transplantation process.
  • Largest bone marrow collection site: MedStar Georgetown is home to the largest collection site for the National Marrow Donor Program, a program started by the U.S. Department of Defense. This high volume gives our bone marrow experts unparalleled expertise in safe and effective bone marrow collection procedures.

Eligibility Guidelines

We carefully evaluate patients to determine if they will benefit from a bone marrow and stem cell transplantation. Eligibility depends on many factors, including specific disease, patient’s age, and prior therapies. If we are considering an allogeneic transplant, we need to identify available donors or cord blood units as soon as possible.

During the evaluation process, our transplant team will:

  • Determine the patient’s overall health and performance, using the HCT comorbidity index (HCT-CI)
  • Assess the patient’s disease, including stage of the disease
  • Guide patients through the informed consent process
  • Identify any psychosocial issues that would prevent a successful transplant and recovery
  • Ensure the patient has a competent and willing caregiver to provide care during the often lengthy recovery period

Referral Process

Our staff is available to make the referral process easy.

To refer a patient, please call Physician Access at 202-442-4200 or 202-342-3300.