Patient Ambassador

Patient Ambassador

At MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, our focus is “It’s how we treat people.”  Leaving a positive impression on a patient’s experience is about more than just treating them medically.  It’s about going the extra mile to make sure that their mental and emotional well-being are treated as well.

Our Patient Ambassadors create lasting impressions and foster a warm, friendly and positive atmosphere for our patients while simultaneously assisting nursing staff with patient needs to give them more time to focus on clinical matters.

Why Become a Patient Ambassador?

If you enjoy making people feel comfortable and happy, becoming a Patient Ambassador here at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center could be for you.  Patient Ambassadors are warm, hospitable people looking to give of their time and positive energy to make our patients happier during their stay.

What Requirements Does a Patient Ambassador Have?

Our Patient Ambassadors should be service-oriented, personable and friendly.  Because many of the responsibilities include rounding various units, our applicants should be able to stand and walk during their entire shift.  A Patient Ambassador will provide a “personal concierge” experience to each patient they service according to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the position description.

What Do Patient Ambassadors Do?

Patient Ambassadors round and visit patients to ensure cleanliness of rooms, keep room supplies stocked and within appropriate reach for patient need, deliver blankets, puzzles and other personal care items as requested, refresh water/ice pitcher, and among other duties as necessary, report patient concerns to appropriate person to minimize wait times in response to patient call bells.