At MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, we pride ourselves on offering world-class health care to the Southern Maryland community. Although we accomplish part of that mission by recruiting the region's top doctors and equipping them with the latest technology, we are also dedicated to providing a healing atmosphere of caring and personal attention. MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center volunteers are a key component of that caring environment.

Our volunteers make a difference every day, and they have been part of the strength of MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center since it opened. Sharing their skills and smiles with our patients and staff, our volunteers help keep the hospital running smoothly and make it a truly special place.

Why Volunteer?

People choose to volunteer at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center for many reasons. Some volunteers are considering a career in the medical field while others have retired from healthcare work and want to keep contributing to the field they love. Still others see hospital volunteering as a way to stay involved and engaged in the heart of their community. Volunteering benefits the individuals giving their time as well. Studies have shown that people who get involved in their communities tend to have better health and a more positive outlook on life. Volunteers make lasting friends and practice new skills. Best of all, volunteers get a great sense of pride and purpose from making a difference for our patients, their families, visitors, and hospital staff.

What Requirements Does the Volunteer Program Have?

We accept applications from people 15-17 years old for our Candy Striper program. Volunteers for our adult program must be 18 years of age. We ask volunteers to commit to contributing four hours per week for at least three months.

What Do MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center Volunteers Do?

Volunteers perform dozens of activities. We make every effort to provide a range of opportunities. We encourage volunteers to try working in many different areas to see what they do best. If you are particularly interested in a certain type of work, please let us know. We try to find work that matches volunteer skills and interests when possible. Available areas include, but are not limited to: the surgical waiting area, labor and delivery information desk, radiology department, sleep lab, dietary, environmental, escort/wheelchair transporters, hospital greeters, support volunteers, and administrative areas.

Adult Volunteers

Our Adult Volunteers, ages 18 and older, actively provide volunteer support to various departments throughout our hospital. These highly competent and compassionate individuals enhance the hospital’s mission by delivering an extra dimension of care and service to our patients, visitors, guests, and hospital staff. Adult Volunteers attend monthly volunteer meetings to support each other as a team and receive important information about the hospital and Volunteer Program. Monthly meetings include guest speakers from our clinical and non-clinical hospital staff. Adult Volunteers may also become a member of our Volunteer Advisory Committee and provide valuable input towards the goals and objectives for improving and strengthening our Volunteer Program and our Community. If you have a passionate desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of others, our hospital welcomes you to join our strong team of dedicated volunteers. Learn more and download an application.

Patient Ambassadors

Our Patient Ambassadors are the heartbeat of patient experience.  These choice volunteers, dressed in Royal Blue, round units offering personalized attention to our patients by assisting with their wants, needs and anything else that would make their stay here better!  Working together with a team of nurses, our Patient Ambassadors even respond to patient alerts and call bells.  This unique program closes the gap between physical care and taking care of the “whole person” by catering to the mental and emotional well-being of our patients.  Whether it’s providing special requested supplies or taking time to listen to and converse with patients, our Patient Ambassadors have the goal and passion for making people happy.  Think you could be a Patient Ambassador?  Learn more and download an application.

Candy Stripers


Our Candy Stripers program provides young people ages 15 to 17 with valuable experience in healthcare. These young volunteers perform a variety of important nonclinical functions, from cheering patients and escorting visitors to performing office work and assisting staff as needed. The hospital also sponsors a "career day" for the Candy Stripers, during which the Candy Stripers participate in question-and-answer sessions with members of the medical staff. Candy Striper (youth) applications are generally accepted from January through April. Interested students must submit a recent report card, write a 200-400 word essay explaining why they wish to volunteer at the hospital and participate in an in-person interview. The program runs from June to August each year.