Siemens Vista

MedStar Southern Maryland Laboratory Implements Siemens Vista

The Following Changes Will Take Place on Nov. 29, 2016:

► MedStar Southern Maryland is replacing BIOSITE BNP testing with Pro BNP- RUN on the new Vista by Siemens.

► MedStar Southern Maryland is moving from TROPONIN I (Immunoassay) to CTNI (LOCI technology) testing, which will be run on the Vista. All reference ranges have been statndardized to MedStar ranges and Creatinine using Jaffe methodology will be moved to Vista, which is Enzymatic Creatinine (ECREA). 

► In addition, the following analytes will be changing methodology:

  1. CRP will change to nephelometry
  2. Digoxin will change to LOCI 
  3. Microalbumin will change to nephelometry
  4. MMB will change to LOCI
  5. Pre-albumin will change to nephelometry
  6. TRF will change to nephelometry
  7. Troponin I to CTNl (LOCI methodology)
  8. Homocystine- nephelometry