Construction Updates

January 2021

It’s a new year and we are just months away from the completion of our ED expansion and renovation! We have come such a long way since the start of this project and can now marvel at the finest details -even down to the shiny, new generators and electrical work. Through the hottest days to the coldest ones, our dedicated construction teams have worked tirelessly to give us the beautiful building with a fresh outer structure that houses an even more beautifully designed interior. Now, finishing touches are taking place, from door installation to painting of the walls and tiling. Over 121,131 hours have gone into this project and it certainly shows!

December 2020

The temperatures may be dropping, but the ball is not on the ED expansion project, as we inch past the 100,000-man-hour mark and closer to the end of the year. Underground sewer and fuel piping is still a work in progress while inside the new structure, more drywall and ceilings have gone up. Steam piping on the roof and more electrical cabling are just a few of the unseen inter workings that will help pull the project together over time. The new front lobby area is almost completely fleshed out, only awaiting the refining and finishing touches and the frame for the cove light in the lobby has been installed while walls/barriers have been removed in the new ED space, revealing a beautiful and spacious layout.

November 2020

The bricks have been laid, the windows- displayed!  We’re seeing the fruit of the very hard work our construction team has put in over the last several months as the expansion reaches a peak!

Photos reveal a large interior with promising beams and frames while outside, things are closing off and a staircase makes its debut.  The promise of the beautiful, finished space we will soon have seems closer than ever!  With now over 80,000 project man hours that have gone into the expansion, not only do we see incredible evolution to the outside including work to the underground sanitary sewer, but even the small, unseen details have been under-way including continued work on indoor features like, sprinklers, new electrical equipment, glass/compression clips and more.

Imagine the intricacies (electrical, foundational, etc.…) it takes to pull off such a feat so quickly!  We’ve seen dedicated construction workers and contractors toil day in and day out, rain or shine, and as the seasons change once again, we look forward to seeing the expansion do so as well.

October 2020

Over 70,510 hours of labor have gone into our emergency expansion/renovation project and it shows!  As the seasons change and we get closer and closer to the end of the year, the completion of our new emergency department becomes a more realistic image.

Over the last month, first floor walls, air plenum walls, stair handrails and much more have been installed with tons of other project advancements both seen and unseen. The construction team has been hard at work to keep the timeline in order with plans to focus on a few more of the unseen details like electrical distribution and piping routes for house oxygen outages coming down the “pipe”-lines next

September 2020

We strive to have something new completed each day to wow associates when they come in for work with the progress of this project” said Matt Brazis, Project Manager for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. The pictures prove this to be true! Our ED expansion becomes more real with each passing day as we’ve watched an entirely new building structure spring up over the last few months. The pictures in this update show how beams and structures became walls, that have now become a building simply awaiting its outer finishing touches!

Thunderstorms and intense heat can’t stop the progress or speed of this incredible and impressive job!

August 2020

Now, more than half-way into the year, the evolution and progress of our ED expansion is truly something to marvel. We have watched a parking lot shape shift during underground preparations and spring up into a new foundation. We’ve seen a hill transform into part of an entirely new building structure, each day with new beams, columns, slabs and walls supporting the mold of what will be our new and improved Emergency Department.

We said goodbye months ago, to our old main entrance which has now transitioned into a large front lobby space, new rooms and corridors creating a fresh and modern flow. The overhang for the new front entrance has also taken shape and now reveals the physical structure of the design we saw before the project even began.

We’ve watched as contractors, builders, electricians and more have worked tirelessly every single day to wow us with a new development or surprise- something there today that was not yesterday.

Today, we drive down hospital drive and truly understand the vision of what will be when we see the front lobby. We walk in through the employee entrance and imagine the new life this space will bring to our hospital. We are now in one of the most exciting phases of the expansion, because even the untrained eye, can see clearly, the potential of what is to come!

May-June 2020

What seems like just weeks ago, our ED expansion and renovation was tucked away behind construction walls and barriers. Today, it’s no secret how far the work has evolved. What used to be one wall structure, or two, is now a series of metal wall structures, cables and doors.

The first pour of concrete outside of what will be the new front entrance took to the earth on May 4, 2020, covering what was once just underground structures and providing a platform to the new entry way.

There’s no hiding the large concrete pillars and foundations that have sprung up in the area of the associate parking lot that will be used in the ED expansion. Continued leveling and ground work is taking place in that space and lots of underground inter-workings are happening daily.

In some cases, the evolution of this project is about the underground intricacies, but now, there is some clearly visible and exciting progress to take note of!

April 2020

It’s electric! Lights are on, wires are connected, supplies are in and the journey to our new front lobby and ED are well in motion! Our last update showed new wall structures that had been put up, this update shows that not only are the structures up, but supplies are in to reinforce, insulate and continue the work on the bones and structures.

The ground in the front of the hospital that was being leveled now has some new structural components in place and further work to the gas lines has been periodically taking place in the area of our associate parking lot.

March 2020

Our ED renovation and expansion project is well under way and though its progress is tucked away by construction barriers and walls, an inside look reveals its new spacious bones! 

What used to be a hill and associate parking area is currently being prepped for leveling to expand outward in addition to the pre-existing space inside the hospital that is being added to our new ED. 

Inside, demolition of the old front entrance and lobby area is complete, and plans are being mapped out and executed to create the new front entrance and ED.

Our temporary front entrance and ED are currently operational in the interim.

December 2019

Our hospital has started an exciting expansion and renovation project – the largest in our more-than-40-year history. When it is complete, MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center will have a state-of-the-art emergency department to provide our community with the best care and a new hospital front entrance complete with a 24-hour café! (Depicted in rendering below)

Coming soon!

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