Providing Comprehensive Breast Care for Women

Every woman deserves access to the best breast health care, including treatment from Anna Choi, MD, new director of the breast imaging program.

February 2, 2016

Specialized services from an expert team

When it comes to breast health, every woman deserves access to the best care, from routine mammograms to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. That’s why it’s good news that MedStar Breast Health Program at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center has added a team of breast imaging experts. Anna Choi, MD, recently joined the hospital to serve as director of the breast imaging program – a particularly important role given the high incidence of breast cancer in Southern Maryland.

Dr. Choi has focused on breast health for the last 15 years. She attended medical school at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed an internship in internal medicine at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. She completed her residency program in diagnostic radiology and an abdominal imaging fellowship at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Dr. Choi is part of MedStar Medical Group Radiology, a group of 30 fellowship-trained radiologists, five of whom spend most of their time at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center. The group provides mammography and ultrasound imaging services, as well as two leading edge procedures for breast cancer diagnosis: stereotactic biopsy and ultrasound biopsy. Both minimally invasive procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Complete care in one location

The MedStar Breast Health Program at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center provides expert breast imaging because variations in breast tissue and imaging equipment can provide inexact results. Not all mammograms are created equal. It’s best to go to a facility that specializes in breast imaging, because adequately reading a mammogram requires expertise.

With this program in place, patients can come to one location for all the breast imaging, biopsy and surgical services they may need. The hospital is also planning to offer new services, including three-dimensional mammography and breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), in the near future.

Dr. Choi believes having comprehensive services available in the local community will be a significant benefit for patients, noting that people can often become confused or overwhelmed in the face of a cancer diagnosis. Having a structured program helps ensure that everyone works as a team. For example, if a mammogram shows a breast lump, her team can schedule the patient for follow-up right away.

Dr. Choi enjoys interacting with her patients, a patient-centered approach that sets her and the rest of MedStar Medical Group Radiology apart. “We’d like to be known as being very accessible to patients,” she said. She believes that patients should expect to have a conversation with their radiologist: “Whenever I receive a biopsy, I talk to the patient and tell her what I’m thinking.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Choi, call 301-877-5700.


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